Kanapaha Middle School

Kanapaha Band Materials

Method Books and other materials needed by all students:

            Name tag for instrument case

            Winning Rhythms by Edward L. Ayola

            Pencil with an eraser at all times

            A Music Stand at home to facilitate practice

Metronome and a tuner (Sabine makes a Combination). There are also apps available for smart phones.

Concert/Symphonic Band: Tradition of Excellence Book 2 by PEARSON/NOWLIN (instrument specific)

Beginning Band: Tradition Of Excellence Book 1 by PEARSON/ NOWLIN (instrument specific)

Flute players will need:

Their instruments Yamaha-Model 221 and Geimienhardt Model 2SP are recommended.

Cleaning rod

Cleaning Swab

Clarinet and Saxophone players will need:

Three good reeds at all times Van Doren, Mitchell Lurie or LaVoz (NO Rico). For beginners a #2 reed and Symphonic band #3

A reed guard to protect the tips of the reeds from chipping, cracking, mildewing, and warping

Neck Strap (this includes Clarinets)

Yamaha cleaning papers and a swab

            Mouthpiece Clarinet: Premier David Hite

Alto Saxophone: Selmer C*

Double Reed players (Oboe and Bassoon) will need:

            3 good medium soft reeds at all times (Not Synthetic)

            A reed case, not the plastic case they come in

            A swab

            A neck or seat strap accordingly

            A Private Teacher

Brass players will need:

Mouthpiece (even if you rent from the school students should have their own mouthpiece. French horn: Farkas MC or Conn 7BN, Trombone/Baritone: 6 AL, Tuba: 7B

Valve oil

Spit rag

            Cleaning snake and mouthpiece brush

            Tuning slide grease

            Soft rag

Trombones will need a good slide lubricant (Super Slick Cream and Super Slick plus oil, or Slide O Mix is recommended)and a small spray bottle

Percussionist will need:

            Bells and practice pad to use at home