JP164 Step-Up French Horn John Packer Jp164

SKU:  ae00-1141
Manufacturer Part #:  JP164
The JP164 is a Kruspe style student to mid range double french horn ideal for those looking for an affordable Bb/F double. The instrument is freeblowing across the entire range and comes in an attractive lacquer finish. The adjustable finger hook and ducks foot makes it ideal to suit any size hands including younger players. As you would expect from an instrument at this level, the JP164 includes neoprene valve bumpers and mechanical (ball & socket) linkage and also includes an adjustable and reversible Bb/F lever for those who prefer the horn to stand in Bb rather than F.
Manufacturer:John Packer


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SKU:  ae00-1141^JP164
Manufacturer Part #:  JP164
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