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Thank you for your interest in music lessons. We look forward to helping you on your musical journey. At the moment we have only a few spots in the schedule for new students. Once you have completed the new student intake questionnaire we will start the process of answering your questions and finding you a spot. Please understand that this might take a couple of days due to the high volume of requests. 

Eight spacious studio rooms and large waiting area. We have 17 instructors teaching private lessons. Our experienced teachers offer lessons to students of all ages and skill levels. No experience necessary..

Call or Text us to find out more about our lessons or click here to fill out the lesson contact form.  For those under 18, please have your parent(s) fill out the information below.  

Gainesville (352)-271-4772          

Below is a list of our teachers. 


Will Johnston - Piano 

Haley Larsen - Piano/Clarinet

Marc Parocha - Piano

Anneliese Hoffman - Piano/Guitar


Guitar/Ukulele/Bass Guitar

Richard Simmons Guitar/Bass Guitar/Ukulele

John Schreiber - Also Banjo/Mandolin

Sal Tedder - Guitar

Anneliese Hoffman - Piano/Guitar




Azalea Ruano Evans Violin

Hanna Duggins Violin/Viola

John Schreiber Violin/Fiddle



Tim Robinson - Woodwinds

Haley Larsen - Clarinet/Piano



Gary Langford - Trumpet

Benjamin Kimutis - Low Brass

Chris Houze - French Horn/Trumpet  ONLY TEACHES ON SUNDAYS


Mr. Enomoto is no longer taking new students. We do not have another teacher at this time.

Masatoshi Enomoto