Yamaha YFL-462H Intermediate Flute

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Manufacturer Part #:  YFL-462H//02ID
Features Sterling Silver Headjoint, Body and Footjoint Sterling silver provides a beautiful sound with warm, colorful resonance. B-Footjoint A B-footjoint enables the flutist to play all of the notes down to a Low B Pointed Key Arms A#, F# and other non-fingered keys feature pointed key arms, similar to those found on top-of-the-line Yamaha Handmade Flutes. This high end feature brings strength and beauty to these student level flutes. Open-hole Keys Open-hole keys give the player more control over the tone of the flute. Undercut and beveled embouchure hole Specifically designed for a clean attack, sensitive response, and accurate intonation Offset-G Key The Offset-G key configuration offers a natural feeling hand position. Nickel silver, power-forged keys Very durable and less susceptible to breakage Neoprene key bumpers Stronger and more durable than cork Footjoint marking A unique footjoint alignment mark facilitates proper fitting by young players Case & Case Cover A French-style case and durable case cover provide a contemporary look and ease of transport


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SKU:  ae00-1217^YFL462H
Manufacturer Part #:  YFL-462H//02ID
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