Bach Artisan 3C Trumpet Mouthpiece

SKU:  ae00-1252
Manufacturer Part #:  A4513C2
With their finely crafted designs and seemingly endless size and shape combinations to fit every unique embouchure, it's only natural that students and professionals the world over trust their tone to Bach Artisan Trumpet Mouthpieces. Bach's 3C Artisan Trumpet Mouthpiece is no exception, sporting a medium-depth cup with a 16.30mm diameter. Its large diameter, fairly large cup size, and softer outer edge deliver a quick response that works exceptionally well in all playing situations — players of all styles and skill levels will benefit greatly from having this mouthpiece in their arsenal. When it comes to meeting the uncompromising demands of whatever piece you're playing, Bach Artisan Trumpet Mouthpieces will consistently deliver.


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SKU:  ae00-1252^A4513C2
Manufacturer Part #:  A4513C2
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