Yamaha YVS-120 Alto Venova Wind Instrument

SKU:  ae00-1271
Manufacturer Part #:  YVS-120
Yamaha YVS-120 Alto Venova Wind Instrument Features: Truly unique, innovative instrument captures the tone of a genuine saxophone Lightweight, portable design ideal for travel to any destination Unique "meandering/branched pipe" design mimics the tone and playability of a saxophone beautifully Pipe design shortens the distance between tone holes, making it possible to play the entire range of notes with fewer keys Simpler fingering system is akin to a recorder's, making learning for those who may have never tried a wind instrument much easier 2-piece ABS resin body for easy cleaning and storage Included mouthpiece, synthetic resin reed, and synthetic pads are water safe


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SKU:  ae00-1271^YVS-120
Manufacturer Part #:  YVS-120
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